Fighter’s heaven presents

The Champs Camp

The Day Camp that Encourages Children to Reveal the Champion Within!

Fighter’s heaven presents

The Champs Camp

The Day Camp that Encourages Children to Reveal the Champion Within!


About Champs Camp

Your Champion's Day

Your champion’s day will be filled with engaging activities to Inspire them to boundless heights, Empower them to believe in the greatness and Explore their world around them for years to come. Our program will not only educate our Champs on the rich history and significance of activist, philanthropist and United Nations Messenger of Peace Muhammad Ali. But incorporate Art, Poetry, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship within countless hands-on activities.

What We Offers

The Champs Day Program

1 st Hour

The Champ is Here!
Welcome Pack
Peer Empowerment Brunch

2nd Hour

Hands on Educational Tour
Champions Lunch

3rd Hour

Team Building Activity
Attitude of Gratitude Activity

4th Hour

Picture with Ali
Champions Award

Why Champs Camp

Champ Camps Impact In The U.S.

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Champs Camp

Our Mission

The Champs Camp mission is to support middles and high school students in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and local DMV area surmount whatever challenges life presents by INSPIRING them to boundless heights, EMPOWERING them to believe in their greatness and by EXPLORING the world around them for years to come.

Our Goal

To Impact & Empower at least 4,500 Champions by December 2024!Are we able to create some kind of a unique goal meter ? with a theme for Ali? maybe with the levels of feather weight, lightweight, middle weight, heavy weight champion of the world with the belt at the end goal?

Champs Camp

Our Vision

The Champs Camp creates a collaborative learning environment where we transform the lives of our Champions through the INSPIRATION of the life and legacy of the Muhammad Ali. Based on the beautiful grounds of Fighters Heaven, Ali’s former training Camp.We are committed to EMPOWERING our Champs to develop the resilience to surmount whatever obstacles arise; no matter what ROUND of life they’re in. To Triumph through; mistakes, bullying, disappointments, finding healthy tribes, and other life transitions.Keeping the values of equity, diversity and inclusion programming at the forefront, we encourage our Champs to EXPLORE the worlds around them through arts, sports, STEM related programs and more.

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Sponsorship Packages

Always Custom, No Predetermined Levels

Sponsors Know what they want! We Will Create Sponsorship Agreement Based on the Individual Marketing and Sales Needs for that Sponsor

Activation Ideas

Raise Awareness Among their Target Audience


Brand Awareness , Product Placement Etc.

Creating Value

Talk about their Goals Creates more Value

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