The Champ's Camp

The Day Camp that Encourages Children to Discover and Unleash the Champion Within!

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The Champs Camp

The Day Camp that Encourages Children to Reveal the Champion Within!


the Champ’s Camp INC

Who We Are

The Champ’s Camp, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering¬† middle and high school students to overcome life’s challenges.

Our core mission is centered around one key belief: empowering young minds to not only face but triumph over life’s challenges.

Our Program

The Champs Day Program

1 st Hour

The Champ is Here!
Welcome Pack
Peer Empowerment Brunch

2nd Hour

Hands on Educational Tour
Champions Lunch

3rd Hour

Team Building Activity
Attitude of Gratitude Activity

4th Hour

Picture with Ali
Champions Award

African american elementary school children using digital tablet computer learning online education program app technology during lesson.

about the champ’s camp inc

Our Vision

The Champ’s Camp Inc envisions a future where middle and high school students are not just active contributors in their communities, but global change-makers, igniting a wave of positive impact that ripples across the world.

Our Mission

We draw inspiration from Muhammad Ali’s unwavering spirit to provide a holistic educational approach that fuses arts, literature, STEM, and sports. Our mission is to empower a new generation of students, equipping them with the tools and values to create enduring, positive change in their communities and beyond.

Why Champs Camp inc

The Problem We Are Addressing

The Champ’s Camp Inc recognizes the pressing issue facing New Jersey: a growing crisis of at-risk youth who are grappling with a dire shortage of mentorship and essential support systems. This deficiency in guidance and support not only impedes their personal growth but also poses a significant risk to their futures, limiting their opportunities for academic success, personal development, and ultimately, their ability to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Amidst these challenges, many at-risk youth in New Jersey find themselves navigating turbulent waters alone, often lacking the guidance and role models necessary to make informed decisions and cultivate essential life skills. This vulnerable demographic is more susceptible to engaging in high-risk behaviors, such as substance abuse, involvement in criminal activities, and struggling academically, further perpetuating the cycle of adversity.

the Champ’s Camp inc

Core Values

To nurture resilience, self-belief, and a love for learning while instilling values of social responsibility. We are dedicated to inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds. 

Group of happy kids with their African American female science teacher with laptop programming electric toys and robots at robotics classroom

Sponsorship Packages

Always Custom, No Predetermined Levels

Sponsors Know what they want! We Will Create Sponsorship Agreement Based on the Individual Marketing and Sales Needs for that Sponsor

Activation Ideas

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Creating Value

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